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If you would like to become a sponsor of an event hosted by the Squadra Foundation, please complete the form below.

Indicate if you want your qualified sponsorship payment ("QSP") allocated to any future event or to a particular event/cause.
DISCLAIMER: By clicking submit: (i) I consent to the Squadra Foundation collecting my details through this form; (ii) I agree that all payments made to the Squadra Foundation are "qualified sponsorship payments” under IRS rule 513(i); (iii) I agree that there is no arrangement or expectation that I will receive any substantial return benefit other than the Squadra Foundation's use or acknowledgement of our name and/or logo (or product lines); (iv) I agree that the Squadra Foundation is not providing advertising services that includes messages containing qualitative or comparative language, price information, or other indications of savings; (v) I am not subject to any U.S. governmental sanctions or found to be on any Financial Action Task Force list, FATF Combating the Financing of Terrorism list, OFAC Specifically Designated National and Blocked Persons; (vi) I am not from or engaging in transactions with people or entities from, embargoed countries and regions listed on the OFAC Website; and (viii) I understand that I am making a qualified sponsorship payment to the Squadra Foundation while the Squadra Foundation is in the process of applying for 501(c)(3) status with the IRS, as such, as any such payments made prior to approval, will be retroactively tax deductible upon approval by the IRS.

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